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Business information on the Fantasia Daegu Festa.


This is a co-brand that integrates Daegu's representative festivals,
covering various festivals in May and October,
to provide a variety of experiences to enjoy.

  • The Fantasia Daegu Festa in May, the top festival season,

    provides a powerful festival with splendid parades and performances beginning May 12 on Gukchaebosang-ro in the center of Daegu. There is the Daegu International Musical Festival, which any domestic or foreign musical lover should experience, including the Daegu Living Culture Festival, where art lovers gather, the Daegu Music Festival and Daegu Gugak Festival, which show Daegu as the UNESCO Creative City of Music. Not to mention the Daegu Powerful K-Trot, which everyone is passionate about.

  • The Fantasia Daegu Festa in October, a more sensible season,

    offers the Daegu Folk Festival, where you can heal yourself through folk songs on an autumn evening, and the Daegu International Jazz Festival, where iconic jazz musicians in Korea and famous overseas jazz bands gather together. In addition, there is the Daegu International Healing Performing Arts Festival which holds various performances, the Daegu International Opera Festival that represents domestic opera, and the Daegu Contents Fair covering the local cultural industry. And we cannot forget the World Orchestra Series that clearly shows Daegu as a city of music with a hundred years of history. In addition, the Daegu Comprehensive Arts Festival, a place of harmony among the myriad art groups in Daegu, provides unforgettable impressions that last a lifetime.

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